Our range broad on different sizes and colours of Napkins and Tablecloth.

Cocktail Napkins:

  • Airlaid 'Linen Look' 24 x 24 cm folded in 1/4 (40/pack)
  • 2-Ply 24x24 cm folded in 1/4 (40/pack)

Lunch & Dinner Napkins:

  • Airlaid 'Linen Look' 40 x 40 cm folded in 1/4 (50/pack)
  • Airlaid 'Linen Look' 40 x 40 cm folded in 1/8 (head or book) (50/pack)
  • Airlaid 'Linen Look' 48 x 40 cm folded in 1/8 (book) (50/pack)
  • Airlaid 'Linen Look' 48 x 48 cm folded in 1/4 (50/pack)


  • Airlaid 'Linen Look' 100 x 100 cm (single) (25/pack)
  • Airlaid 'Linen Look' 120 x 40 cm (Runners - You & Me) (25/pack)
  • Airlaid 'Linen Look' 120 cm x 25 mt (Rolls)

Some of the plain colours currently available are: White, Avocado, Green Apple, Green, Turquoise, Baby Blue, Water, Sea, Blue, Black, Grey, Clay, Sand, Champagne, Yellow, Amber, Orange, Burgundy, Red, Violet, Fuchsia,Pink, Lilac and others.

We also stock some patterned napkins as Green and Blue Damask and White with Blue decor.

All products 60gsm airlaid "linen look" quality (except white cocktail napkins which are 55gsm); All napkin dimensions indicate the size of the napkin when flat and they are quarter folded eg. 48x48cm flat napkin is folded into a 24x24cm square.

We also custom print your logos or have plenty of different artworks to be applied to your napkins or table cloth (Party Selections, Christmas varieties, etc.)

Please feel free tocontact us for more details.